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There are many different types of car insurance or vehicle insurance, and insurance for business or commercial vehicles is one such type of insurance. There are many employees in the UK whose job entails some level of driving.

As an employer…

If you are an employer, then you will be well aware of the need to be properly insured. Businesses are subject to a host of expensive and compulsory insurances that the government requires them to take out in order to be allowed carry on business. This will include professional indemnity insurance, product liability insurance, public liability insurance and employee liability insurance. Added to this is the constant need to ensure that all vehicles owned or used by the business are properly insured. This means that each vehicle is properly insured for every driver that will be using it.

It may be sufficient to only insure one employee personally for driving company vehicles. But for certain vehicles if they may be used by other employees from time to time, you will need to ensure that they are properly insured for all employees to use.

Most car insurance companies also differentiate between vehicles that are to be used for private purposes and vehicles that are to be used for commercial purposes. Therefore, it is vital that you have commercial vehicle insurance if you think even that there is a chance of the vehicle being used for business purposes.

As well as simply insuring the vehicle, there may be instances where you wish to insure the contents of the commercial vehicle also. In many instances, the contents can be more valuable then the vehicle itself and while in transit, they may not be covered by your premises insurance.


As an employee…

You should be aware that under the current law, both the owner of a vehicle and the driver of the vehicle are liable if there is no insurance. However, there is an exception to cover employees who drive their employer’s vehicles. This exception states that if you are driving a vehicle as part of your work, and it would be reasonable to expect the employer to have insured the vehicle for such purposes, then you will not be held liable for the lack of insurance.

This means for example, that if the employer has a fleet of delivery vans and asks you to make a delivery, then it would be reasonable to assume that the employer had arranged insurance for the fleet and you would not be liable. However, if the vehicle was for example a company car for your personal use, or if the boss lent you his car, you would probably, under those circumstances, be expected to realise that you should be insured.

If you don’t regularly drive as part of your job, and are asked to drive a vehicle for work, the safest approach to take is to always ask the employer if you are insured to drive the vehicle. This shouldn’t really cause administrative headache for the employer, and at worst it should be a question that can be answered be a quick phone call to the insurance company.

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