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In the case of many vans, the vehicle will not be used for personal purposes but only for commercial or business uses. This will affect the van insurance, as insurers differentiate between commercial and personal uses. So the first thing to clarify when taking out van insurance is whether the vehicle will only be used for commercial purposes or also for personal purposes. You must have appropriate coverage, or at least inform the insurance company of the intended use of the van to make sure that you will be properly insured.

If you are an employee, and are being asked to drive a van for your work, then you should always make sure that you are insured to do so. In most cases where a vehicle is being driven without insurance, both the driver and the owner of the vehicle will be liable for a fine. However, there is an exception for vehicles driven for commercial purposes or as part of a business. So if you are asked to drive a van for work, and it is a situation in which you can reasonably assume that the employer would insure against, then you will not be liable if in fact no insurance has been arranged. You should be careful however, as not all instances would be ones in which it is reasonable to assume the employer would arrange the insurance. If the vehicle is used only by you for example, or you are allowed to use the vehicle for personal uses outside of work hours, it may be decided that it would also be reasonable for you to arrange your own insurance and therefore you will be liable if the vehicle is not insured.

The safest approach to take is that if you are being asked to drive a van for work, that you ask whether or not you are insured and if you are not, then either arrange to become insured or do not drive the vehicle.


It’s worth shopping around…


One concern with commercial van insurance are that many customers fear that they have not secured for themselves the best deals available. This may be because thy have failed to shop around sufficiently or because there are factors that are increasing their risk factor. All insurance, including commercial vehicle insurance, is calculated by assessing the risks to the insurance company of a claim being made. In a commercial context, such risks can be increased by factors such as; a very valuable cargo is being transported or because you are travelling long distances, over night, internationally or in dangerous areas such as off road. As well as these factors, the type of employees you have who will need to drive the vehicles may also be a factor. For example, if you have a lot of younger male drivers, then traditionally they are viewed as a higher risk then females or older men. Also, if your drivers have not held licences for very long, or hold driving licences from other countries these factors may be taken into account when insuring your commercial vehicles.

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