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Protecting our homes is something most of us do instinctively. It is built into our genetics as a means of self preservation. Apart from protecting our life, and those of our families, protecting our home is one of the strongest survival instincts that we have. This is why we lock our doors, check the back garden if we hear a strange sound, close our curtains, install security systems and buy smoke detectors. We naturally want to make our home as safe and secure as possible.

This is the main reason why home insurance has become such an important industry. Today it is worth literally billions of pounds. Almost everyone who owns a home, insures it. In many cases, the banks wont even lend them the money to buy the home in the first place unless they insure it.

Losing one’s home is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a person. Today, natural disasters strike all over the world all the time. There are fires in every city every night. People’s homes get broken into and burgled. Vandalism destroys property. Termites, dry rot and wet rot can eat away at woodwork and cause thousands of pounds in damage. It is the same story with roofs that need replacing or foundations that begin to slide. In short, we are just as likely to lose our homes today as we ever were. In many ways, the risks have increased since it is not possible to simply rebuild, as homes can cost as much as twenty five years worth of repayments, and people are often not in a position to make these types of payments twice.

So how have we managed to increase our collective security and sense of well being without actually solving all the issues that can cause a person to lose his or her home? To a very large extent, the answer to this questing is home insurance. Insurance works by pooling together everyone’s premiums, so that we each pay a little each month or year into the pot. Then, if disaster strikes, and someone does lose their home, the pot pays out to repair the damage. It is one of the most clever and complex ways we have come up with to work together to make the world safer and more secure.

As well as paying out in a disaster, home insurance protects us in another very important way. It offers us peace of mind. Many people would lie awake in fear of what could happen to their home if it wasn’t for the ability to take out homo insurance and protect themselves. This is one of the single biggest recognised benefits of home insurance. Despite the fact that for the vast majority of people, home insurance is a cost that will never give them any return, since their home will never be destroyed or seriously damaged, it still brings them a massive benefit by letting them know that no matter what happens, and whatever the future may hold, their home is safe and they are secure.

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