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People’s travelling habits are constantly changing. Travel insurance policies must keep up with the changing habits of customers if they are going to sell. Therefore, you will usually find what you are looking for when it comes to travel insurance. One of the things that customers have noticed in the past, is the cost of insuring your entire family every time you want to take a holiday together. If you think travel insurance for one person is expensive, then just multiply that by how ever many kids you have and see how you like that figure.

The fact of the matter is that if families had to buy a separate travel insurance policy for each member of their family they would be over paying. This was something that was dissuading families from taking trips abroad together, or even worse, they were taking trips abroad without securing adequate insurance cover for their family before leaving.

This is very big risk. Once you are outside of the UK, you will not longer be entitled to the free medical system that we all take for granted in the NHS. Imagine if you, or a member of your family were involved in an accident or other medical emergency and you were unable to afford appropriate medical care. Or imagine if the services are performed and you come back home with a bill for many thousands of pounds waiting for you. These are things that can really happen if you need to pay yourself, for medical services in another country.

Therefore, what insurance companies started to offer was family travel insurance policies. These are more than just a number of individual travel insurance policies packaged together as a single policy. These family travel insurance policies take account of the lower risks involved with insuring a family and pass these valuable savings on to you.

All insurance is about risk, and the price you pay for any type of insurance will depend on the risk that you are asking the insurance company to take when they agree to insurance you. In general, insuring four people is about four times as risky as insuring one person. This is how individual travel insurance is calculated. However, if you are travelling as a family, the same calculations will not necessarily hold.

Look at it this way. What do you think is more risky, two parents travelling with their two children, or four teenagers going on a summer holiday together? The answer is that when people travel as a family, they tend to be safer. This is because parents look out for their children, and do not allow them to take the same kinds of risks, and do the same dangerous things that they would be doing if they were travelling alone.

Because of this, family travel insurance works out a lot cheaper than it would if you were to try to insure each member of the family individually for the same trip. Look at the family travel insurance policies that are available and see what is available.

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