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easyMoney Insurance offers a quick way to get a quote for car insurance and buy it online. The choices are Comprehensive or Third Party, Fire & Theft car insurance.


Comprehensive cover means that both your car and of other party that you've had an accident with are covered by your car insurance policy. The policy is usually valid for 12 months and is renewable annually.

Third Party, Fire & Theft cover is what is says – you are covered for fire and theft only, plus you have the cover for damage you've caused to another car or person, above any excess you are required to pay.


For more information on both car insurance covers by easyMoney Insurance, please click onto the car insurance link on the right.


easyMoney Insurance offers 'pay as you go' service where you don’t pay for what you don’t use. The example is: your policy will be cheaper since it does not include courtesy car. If you want to have a courtesy car after having an accident, you will need to get in touch with easyCar to hire a vehicle at discounted rate. Another example is that if you ask easyMoney Insurance to print your documents, you will pay for it – if you print them yourself, no charge.


This way, easyMoney Insurance lowers their cost which gets transferred to you, their customer, so you pay less for your policy.


In general, easyMoney Insurance is for those that really want to save on their car insurance cost.


For claims, easyMoney offers 24 hours line - you pay at national rates.


Who is easyMoney insurance?

easyMoney, the online personal finance brand of the easyGroup, owned by Stelios, has expanded its products to include car insurance. Working in conjunction with the global insurer Zurich Insurance Company, easyMoney Insurance aims to offer consumers their best price, making life more affordable for UK drivers.

EasyMoney (UK) Ltd is an appointed representative of Zurich Insurance Company, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


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